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Hose Bib Installation & Replacement
in Richmond, VA

Need to replace your hose bib or install a new one on your property? Contact our experts today at (804) 543-6821 for professional hose bib installation or replacement services in Richmond, VA.

Hose bibs (which are also known as wall hydrants, spigots, or outdoor faucets) can make watering your garden, washing your car, or carrying out other outdoor tasks much more convenient. But these fixtures can become vulnerable as temperatures start to drop, and your hose bib can end up freezing over the winter.

At Serenity Plumbing Inc. we can help you replace damaged hose bibs. Our experts will help you select the right product for your property and make sure your new fixture is installed safely and accurately.

Give us a call today to schedule an estimate for hose bib installation or replacement for your home in Richmond, VA.

What Needs to Be Considered Before Installing a New Hose Bib?

Before we start working on your plumbing system, our experts will take the time to assess your needs and go over the hose bib installation process with you to ensure that you receive a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Some items that we will go over beforehand include:

The type of outdoor faucet you are planning to install

There are two options when it comes to outdoor faucets: regular hose bibs and yard hydrants. While hose bibs are typically installed on an outdoor wall of your home, yard hydrants are installed farther away from your property. We will discuss your specific outdoor faucet needs and help you determine whether you need to install a hose bib or a yard hydrant.

Location of your hose bib

We can help you relocate an existing hose bib, or replace an existing fixture. Hose bibs that are located closer to your plumbing are typically easier (and less costly) to replace. No matter your needs, our experts are happy to help you carry out the solution that best meets your goals and preferences.

Permits or local requirements that need to be met

If you live in an area with HOA regulations, or if this is your first time setting up an outdoor faucet on your property, you may have to meet specific requirements before your new hose bib can be installed. Our team can help you navigate the installation process and make sure your property remains in compliance with local requirements.

Should You Install Frost-Free or Standard Hose Bibs?

Wondering which type of hose bib is best for your home? For greater peace of mind, we recommend installing frost-free hose bibs to avoid further hassle during the winter.

Frost-free hose bibs come with a valve that will cut off the water supply to the fixture when the hose bib is turned off; this will help keep the water in the pipe from freezing. Frost-free hose bibs are also low maintenance; all you have to do during the winter is remove the hose from the faucet.

Older properties throughout Richmond will often have standard hose bibs installed. If your home currently has a standard hose bib and you are planning on having it replaced with a frost-free faucet, contact our experts to schedule an estimate for replacement.